We make it our mission to make good companies great. As hands on operators, we work hard to make a difference to the companies we invest into, in order that we are real value add investors.


Expanding to overseas markets is a great way to bootstrap revenue growth. However, it must be executed in a considered manner. We have a strong track record internationalising businesses and understand the nuances of penetrating new markets.

Our experience makes light work of the scaling process, helping companies adjust seamlessly to operating internationally. With a dedicated US growth team and offices in New York we are uniquely placed to help European companies succeed in that market.

Digital Transformation

The reality of modern society is that all firms and brands need to have a holistic digitisation strategy.

We undertake an extensive review of the technology stack of every company we invest into so that we can help optimise performance and growth.
We ensure that our partner companies increase digital fluency and expand their digital footprints. This doesn’t mean a switch to pure on-line plays, but driving efficiencies to create a true omni-channel experience.

Optimise Sales

We know first-hand that targeted sales and marketing strategies catalyse results.

We have a strong track record of building out sales and marketing teams, and empowering them with the use of technology to drive revenue growth. Our data driven approach ensures that we efficiently optimise marketing resources to funnel into sales growth.

Data Analysis

Data sits firmly at the heart of our approach to value creation, in particular using data intelligently to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Product Innovation

Product innovation is a key component to brand growth. WE have worked with partner firms to innovate products, expanded franchises, developed new verticals and launched new products.


As investors with hands on experience, we work with our companies to build building world-class operational teams. We have a wealth of expertise in supply chain, financial reporting, project management, and more.

Talent Acquisition and Development

People are the fulcrum of all companies, and we strongly believe in retaining and developing talent.

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